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Strike Force Heroes 3 Hacked

icn_heroimageStrike Force Heroes 3 is the latest version of the popular shooting game. There are a lot of updates that you will enjoy. For example the graphics of the game is improved as well as the gameplay. The developers also added a lot of new weapons and maps.The campaign mode of Strike Force Heroes 3 consists of 50 levels. In each level your mission may vary, I mean each level has it’s own game mode, for example in the first level you will be playing classic 1vs1 game, while in other levels you must win in Deathmatch, 2vs2 and others.

The version of Strike Force Heroes 3 available at our website is hacked.It's unfair to play it because the hacks include godlike mode,unlimited ammo and so on. I will recommend you to play the original version before playing the hacked one. Information about how to use cheats in Strike Force Heroes 3 Hacked you can find below.

==Strike Force Heroes 3 Hack Information==

[1] - Toggle Godmode
[2] - Toggle Ammo
[3] - Toggle Rapid Fire
[4] - Toggle Tired
[5] - Killsteak
[6] - Win Level
[7] - Level Up
[8] - Funds
[9] - Slot Machine [number]

==Slot Machine Hack==

[1] - Poop = [Gross!]
[2] - Armor = [Armor Mod!]
[3] - Attach = [Weapon Mod!]
[4] - Gun = [Weapon!]
[5] - Star = [Refined!]
[6] - Sky = [Flawless!]
[7] - Sfh = [Perfect!]